Cancer Center Membership

Advancements in cancer research and care begin with talented and innovative MCW Cancer Center members—individuals who hold a shared vision of eradicating cancer. Members are organized into three programs with the goal of quickly translating research discoveries into promising cancer treatments and cures.


To apply for Cancer Center membership, applicants must hold an active appointment at the Medical College of Wisconsin and show a demonstrated interest in cancer-related research and/or cancer-related clinical activities. There are two membership categories available: Research Member and Associate Member.

Research Member

Research Members include MCW faculty who are actively conducting basic, translational, clinical, or population-based cancer research, and meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • A principal investigator on a cancer-related, peer-reviewed funded research grant
  • A principal investigator of an investigator-initiated clinical trial
  • New cancer research related recruitment within first 3 years of appointment
  • Faculty who play a critical role in team-based science, cancer center or national group leadership, and/or have a consistent record of publishing cancer-related manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals 

Associate Member

Associate Members include investigators who have an interest in and have some level of ongoing cancer-related research but do not satisfy the Research Member criteria. The membership term is for 3 years, with the possibility of reassignment as Associate Member by the Cancer Center Director.

  • Investigators with active participation in large team-science research and/or clinical research activities (accrue >10 subjects per year) and or both, with the goal of becoming a PI on an investigator-initiated cancer clinical trial
  • Have a mentorship team with at least one Cancer Center member
  • Have ongoing cancer-related research, with a goal of achieving independent cancer-related, peer-reviewed funding

Make a Difference Every Day

When you join the MCW Cancer Center, you’ll work alongside researchers and clinicians dedicated to solving the greatest health challenge of our time.

Learn about the unique membership benefits and responsibilities.

Membership Benefits
  • Invitations to collaborative research program meetings, seminars, retreats, and events
  • Access to leading-edge shared resources and technology
  • Intramural funding opportunities in basic, translational, clinical, and population sciences 
  • Mentorship opportunities with senior cancer researchers and/or to serve as a mentor to train and facilitate research with the next generation of cancer researchers
  • Opportunities to be selected as a recipient of donor-directed philanthropy
  • Access to support the Cancer Center’s Administrative Office for support in: 
    • Development and submission of large, multi-departmental, cancer-specific grants
    • Planning, scheduling, and organization of Cancer Center endorsed activities benefiting a large contingent of membership
    • Announcement of new research developments and clinical breakthroughs by public relations and media relations professionals
    • Philanthropic activities supporting Cancer Center strategic goals
Membership Responsibilities
  • Participate in Cancer Center symposia, retreats, seminars, and surveys
  • Provide annual lay and scientific progress reports for your cancer-related projects
  • Maintain your publications list on the Faculty Collaboration Database 
  • Indicate your Cancer Center membership on all grant submissions 

Membership Application Process

Step 1: Choose A Program

Prior to applying, individuals are encouraged to meet with the leaders of the program that most closely aligns with their interests: 

Step 2: Apply

Complete the membership application using the Faculty Collaboration Database.

Then, email the required documentation to the MCW Cancer Center.

Step 3: Leadership Review

Membership applications are reviewed and voted upon by the MCW Cancer Center Research Council.

Chosen applicants will receive written notification indicating their type of membership and program placement.