Cancer Control

The objective of the Cancer Control (CC) program is to foster and facilitate research designed to reduce cancer risk, improve outcomes and quality of life, and eliminate disparities across the cancer care continuum.

Program Aims

As of June 2023

Identify biological and molecular factors and social determinants contributing to cancer burden

Members of the Cancer Control program use local and national databases and primary data from patients and communities to examine stress, immunologic factors, health behaviors, neighborhood and other structural factors, policy-based mechanisms and interactions among these that drive poor and disparate outcomes.

Identify and address health system  mechanisms associated with cancer care access, outcomes, and inequities

A research focus of the Cancer Control program is to identify health care and health system factors that foster inequitable access and care, or impact patient reported outcomes and develop health delivery interventions and policies to improve cancer care and outcomes in our catchment area and beyond.

Develop and test interventions to decrease cancer burden and minimize inequities

Cancer Control members work with the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement to engage patients and community members in developing behavioral interventions, conducting rigorous randomized trials to test their efficacy, and sustaining them in community and clinical settings.

Program Leaders


Joan Neuner, MD, MPH

Professor or Medicine, George Carroll Professor of Women's Health, School of Medicine


Melinda Stolley, PhD

Professor; Associate Director of Population Sciences Research

Program Members

Kwang Woo Ahn, PhD
Paul L. Auer, PhD
Anjishnu Banerjee, PhD
Manpreet Bedi, MD, MS
Kirsten M. Beyer, PhD, MPH
Kristin M. Bingen, PhD
Bruce H. Campbell, MD
Callisia N. Clarke, MD
Adrienne Cobb, MD
Chandler S. Cortina, MD
Bradley H. Crotty, MD
Rachel N. Cusatis, PhD
Matthew J. Dellinger, PhD
Jing Dong, PhD
Erin L. Doren, MD
Anita D'Souza, MD
Matt Durand, PhD
Mary Eapen, MBBS, DCh, MRCPI, MS
Leonard E Egede, MD
Jeanne M. Erickson, PhD, RN
Kathryn Eve Flynn, PhD
Julie K. Freed, MD, PhD
Jennifer A. Hoag, PhD
Mary M. Horowitz, MD, MS
Stephen R. Humphrey, MD
Victor X. Jin, PhD
Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen, PhD

Scott C. Johnson, MD
Kristina Kaljo, PhD
Sailaja Kamaraju, MD
Jeffrey S. Karst, PhD
Jeffrey A. Kelly, PhD
Sarah L. Kerns, PhD
Jennifer M. Knight, MD
Amanda L. Kong, MD, MS
Anai N. Kothari, MD
Alison J. Kriegel, PhD
Jamila L. Kwarteng, PhD
Brent R. Logan, PhD
Kajua B. Lor, PharmD
Ugwuji N. Maduekwe, MD
Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD
John R. Meurer, MD, MBA
Whitney A. Morelli, PhD
Ann B. Nattinger, MD, MPH
David A. Nelson, PhD
Joan Neuner, MD, MPH
Alan Nyitray, PhD
Akinyemi Ojesina, MD, PhD
Jessica Olson, PhD
Aasim Padela, MD
Liliana Pezzin, PhD, JD
Rachel A. Phelan, MD, MPH

Janet Sue Rader, MD
Kelly E. Rentscher, PhD
J. Douglas Rizzo, MD, MS
Charles R. Rogers, PhD
Leslie Ruffalo, PhD
Christina Runge, PhD
Wael Saber, MD, MS
Oksana Y. Sayko, MD
Reza Shaker, MD
Bronwen E. Shaw, MBChB, PhD
Ashima Singh, PhD
Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Michael Stadler, MD
Melinda Stolley, PhD
Cheryl L. Stucky, PhD
Aniko Szabo, PhD
Denise S. Uyar, MD
Ellen Velie, PhD, MPH
Lyndsey Wallace, PsyD
Tao Wang, PhD
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH
Yang Wang, MD
Jeffrey Whittle, MD
Aaron Winn, PhD
Tina W. F. Yen, MD, MS
Staci A. Young, PhD