Biorepository and Tissue Analytics Shared Resource (BTASR)

The Biorepository and Tissue Analytics Shared Resource supports cancer research by providing MCW Cancer Center members with human tissues and other biospecimens, biospecimen processing services and expertise, and histopathology and advanced tumor analytics.

Scheduling, Location, and Hours of Operation

Biorepository: Dynacare Building, lower level
Tissue Analytics: Translational and Biomedical Research Center, 4th floor
Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Services and Technology

BTASR provides a broad range of biospecimen services, including standard and custom processing, leading-edge digital pathology analytics, clinical trial support, and storage. In addition, BTASR is CAP-accredited and CLIA-compliant, which ensures quality operation, access to meticulously collected and quality-controlled specimens, vetted protocols, and standard operating procedures.

Tumor Tissues and Biofluids
  • Frozen/fresh tumor tissue for PDX, ex vivo explants/organoids, cell lines
  • Viable bone marrow, whole blood, cord blood, plasma, buffy coat
Tissue Microarray Construction
  • Standard core-based TMAs/matrix assembly arrays
  • Sausage arrays (pos/neg controls)/Cell pellet arrays
Multiplex Immunofluorescence and Quantitative Histocytometry
  • Solid tumor immunoprofiling: CD4, CD8, CD20, FoxP3, CD68, pan-CK, DAPI or custom
  • Quantitative multiplex IF imaging: Leica Bond Rx/Akoya PhenoImager; imaging software (Tissue Studio, Inform, QuPath)
Nucleic Acid (RNA/DNA) Purification
  • Frozen tissue: Qiagen column purification
  • FFPE tissue: Purigen Ionic isotachophoresis (sequencing quality)
Storage Services
  • Data logging and barcoded labeling of samples
  • Monitored, secure -80°C storage, LN/-150°C cryostorage
Technologies and Equipment
  • Freezers: 15 -80, 2 -150 and 3 liquid nitrogen dewars
  • Histology: tissue processor, microtomes, embedding stations, autostainer, and coverslipper
  • Purigen Ionic: DNA/RNA extraction from FFPE specimens
  • Tissue arrayer: 3DHistech Grandmaster
  • Immunostainers: Dako Omnis; Leica Bond Rx
  • Slide scanners: 3DHistech Pannoramic Flash (bright field and IF) and Akoya PhenoImager (7-9 color IF scanner)



Steven Kroft, MD

Director, Biorepository and Tissue Analytics Shared Resource


Mary Rau

Biorepository Manager


Yunguang Sun, MD, PhD

Tissue Analytics Manager