Scientific Investments Drive Discovery

The MCW Cancer Center is leading and investing in five scientific focus areas important to the health of our communities. These initiatives are cross-cutting with our research programs and emphasize discoveries in priority cancers impacting the people we serve.
breast cancer images

Cancer Disparities

MCW Cancer Center scientists are conducting research to better understand the complex biological, social, and environmental factors driving cancer disparities.

Chest Xray

Cancer Metabolism

Everyone’s biological makeup is different. Using advanced technology, metabolic profiling is forging a path to earlier diagnoses and individualized treatments.  

CAR T Cells


By harnessing a patient’s own immune system to detect and destroy cancer, MCW Cancer Center discoveries are leading to new and powerful treatment strategies.  

Point Mutation

Precision Oncology

Each patient's cancer is complex and unique. Our scientists are combining genomic sciences and disparities research to develop customized treatment plans.

Structural Biology

Structural Biology

MCW Cancer Center scientists are pursuing a new era of drug discovery by examining the science behind the chemical makeup and shape of proteins and their role in cancer.