Precision Oncology: Identifying Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient’s cancer is complex and unique. By combining genomic sciences and disparities research, MCW Cancer Center scientists are identifying customized care plans to bring the right treatments to the right patient at the right time.

Understanding Precision Oncology

The ultimate fulfillment of precision oncology is to deliver the most effective cancer treatment for a patient’s unique cancer, at a hyper-precise dose and at the right time to maximize survival and quality of life. This level of excellence in precision medicine is especially important for patients diagnosed with rare and aggressive cancers.

By harnessing our knowledge of cutting-edge precision medicine techniques to treat hematological malignancies, MCW Cancer Center scientists have been able to identify new approaches to directly target cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissues and achieving cures with less toxicity.

This approach is already being applied to our other clinical areas of expertise including pancreatic, prostate, brain, and gynecological cancers. These cancers, while universally detrimental, also impact populations in our catchment area very differently and accentuate racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities.

Our goal is to solve for these disparities and create opportunities for more patients to receive personalized and effective therapeutic treatments for cancer.

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Point Mutation

The MCW Cancer Center’s investment in precision oncology brings together investigators across the research continuum and with expertise in cancer genomics and epigenomics to focus on translating discoveries to in-house clinical trials, tailored to the unique needs of our patient population.