Diversity in Cancer Research Post-Baccalaureate Fellows Program

In partnership with Alverno College, Mount Mary University, UW-Milwaukee, and other local universities, the program aims to help underrepresented students launch and sustain successful cancer research careers with the potential to make a life-saving impact in their community.
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Program Details

Funded by the American Cancer Society’s Diversity in Cancer Research initiative, the program provides students with an immersive research experience tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Program aspects include:

  • Individual hands-on training in cancer research labs
  • Access to diverse and experienced research mentors
  • Participation in community outreach efforts
  • Career development workshops
  • Networking at local, regional, and national meetings
  • GRE and MCAT preparation


Students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups are encouraged to apply as guided by the NIH definition of underrepresented minorities in science. This includes individuals with disabilities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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For more information, please contact mcwcc-crtec@mcw.edu.

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